Casio fx-260 SOLAR II Compact Scientific Calculator


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Casio fx-260 SOLAR II Compact Scientific Calculator

The fx-260 SOLAR II compact scientific calculator features a 10-digit display that is large enough to handle decimals, fractions, exponentials, and statistics in addition to hundreds of other math functions. The fx-260 is solar-powered, allowing you computational access without the worry of losing power in times of greatest need. This calculator comes in a light-weight, portable, and strikingly pink case. The rear of the case is semi-opaque.

Basic Information

Product features

  • Non Programmable
  • Non Graphing
  • Number of Functions : 144

Product type

  • Non Programmable
  • Non Graphing

Number of digits

  • 10 + 2 digits

Liquid crystal display

  • Dot matrix display
  • 2-Line display

Key characteristics

  • Plastic keys

Key functions

  • Sign Change (+/-)
  • Power Off


  • Independent Memory (M+ / M- / MR / Min)
  • Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-)
  • Reset Function

Power supply

  • Super solar


  • Black


  • Hard Case

Display Settings

Display format settings

  • Number Format: Fix
  • Number Format: Sci
  • Number Format: Norm

Calculation Functions

Basic calculation

  • Basic Calculation
  • Bracket Calculation
  • Fraction Calculation
  • Degree, Minute, Second (Sexagesimal) Calculations
  • Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)
  • Factorial Function
  • π
  • Irrational number calculation
  • Rounding Function

Advanced calculation

  • Transcendental number: e

Applied calculation

  • Continuous Calculation

Functions Features

Basic functions

  • Basic Mathematical Functions
  • Number of Functions : 144
  • Power Function (Square)
  • Power Function (Cube)
  • Power Function
  • Power Function (Square Root)
  • Trigonometric Function
  • Inverse Trigonometric Function
  • Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
  • Exponential Calculation
  • Logarithmic Calculation
  • Coordinate Conversion
  • Combination / Permutation
  • Determine the Integer Part
  • Random Number Generation
  • Summation

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