Underwood Distributing Co. was founded in 1973 by Milton R. Underwood. The business originally drove from office supply store to office supply store selling calculators and other office supplies out of the back of a big groovy van. 

Underwood Distributing Van

The business was passed on to his son, Miles, who continued to move the business forward. The business sold calculators from brands such as Sharp, Texas Instruments, Casio and Canon, as well as photocopiers, printers, inks, toners, and paper. From the late 90s until the beginning of the 2010s, the business slowly transitioned from a direct sales model to a modern wholesale / distributor model.
Underwood Distributing Co. Storefront


Today, the company is proud to sell the calculators to schools, teachers, and students and support its customers with stellar customer service, competitive prices, and its wide selection of number crunchers.