Casio DM-1200BM Desktop Simple Calculator

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Casio DM-1200BM Desktop Simple Calculator

12-digit calculator features a wide, flat design to allow easy desktop use. Extra-large display clearly shows each digit to help prevent reading errors. Dual-power operation ensures consistent performance during any time of day. Calculator also features tax, memory and cost/sell/margin functions.

Basic Information

Product features

  • Tax calculation
  • Cost/Sell/Margin
  • Metal Faceplate

Product type

  • Metal Faceplate
  • Desktop Type

Number of digits

  • 12 digits

Liquid crystal display

  • Extra Large display
  • Function command signs
  • 3-digit comma markers

Key characteristics

  • Plastic keys

Key functions

  • Key rollover
  • Shift key (▶)
  • Sign Change (+/-)


  • Grand total (GT)
  • Independent memory

Power supply

  • Solar & Battery

Size (D × W × H)

  • 209 × 155 × 36.3 mm


  • 265 g

Display Settings

Display format settings

  • Decimal selector (4/3/2/1/0/ADD₂)
  • Rounding selector (F・CUT・5/4)

Calculation Functions

Basic calculation

  • Basic Calculation
  • Regular percent (%)
  • Profit margin percent

Applied calculation

  • Tax calculation
  • Cost/Sell/Margin

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