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Calculated Industries 4019 Material Estimator Calculator

The Material Estimator is designed for contractors, tradespeople, and estimating professionals who need to estimate materials and costs for various construction projects.


  • Calculate material costs and allowances for concrete, fences, decks, bricks, tile, flooring, gravel, painting, drywall, paneling, and more.
  • Works directly in Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards, and Meters – including Square and Cubic formats.
  • Convert between all standard building math dimensions.
  • Define and store values for materials such as Grout, Tile, Custom Tiles, Fence Post Spacing, Board Width, Bags of Concrete, Paint Coverage, and more.
  • Calculate Studs, Board Feet, and Cost per Unit.
  • Quick Linear, Area, and Volume Calculations.
  • Solar/Dual Power.

Instant Solutions:

  • Tile, Custom Tiles, Flooring, Drywall, and Paneling.
  • Decks, Fencing, Studs, and On-center Spacing.
  • Concrete, Blocks, and Bricks.
  • Paint and Gravel.

Time-saving utilities:

  • Works directly in Yards, Feet, Inches, Fractions, and Meters – including Square and Cubic formats.
  • Quickly and accurately find material requirements for Studs, 4x8, 4x9, 4x10, 4x12 Sheets, Board Feet, Floor Tiles, Blocks, Bricks, Gravel, and Paint.
  • Board Feet and Cost per Unit functions.
  • Easily calculate material costs and allowances using cost and percent (%) functions.
  • Store your measurements to instantly get accurate material estimates for your jobs and projects.

Time-saving utility functions:

  • +, -, +/-, x, ÷, %, π, 1/x, x2, and √.
  • Works as a standard calculator with memory and auto shut-off.
  • Paperless tape function.


  • 360-degree Protective Hard Cover.
  • Easy-to-follow English/Spanish Pocket Reference Guide.
  • Long-Life Battery (1) CR-2016.
  • Full One-Year Limited Warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Size: 5.7” x 3.0” x 0.65” (145mm x 76mm x 17mm).
  • Product Weight: 4.15 oz. (117.7 gm).
  • Includes Case and Pocket Reference Guide.
  • Power: Dual-powered - Solar and One 3-volt (CR-2016) Long-life Battery.
  • Display Type: LCD - 11 Digits (7 normal, 4 Fractions) with Full Annunciators.
  • Display Dimensions: 0.73” x 2.56” (19 mm x 65 mm).
  • Accuracy: 12 Digit Internal Accuracy.

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