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Dedicated Functions: Work in Architectural (ruler) fractions (1/4 inch, 1/16 inch, etc.), proper fractions (2/3), mixed number fractions (1 2/3) and improper fractions (5/3).

  • Solve dimensional math problems, and convert between U.S. and metric dimensional math units.
  • Solve angle and side problems with trigonometry.
  • Enter and solve circle, arc, radius hexagonal and polygonal dimensions.
  • Convert between decimal and fraction.
  • Enter and solve ratios and proportions.
  • Enter math equations using order of operations.
  • Work with exponents.

Includes: Protective Slide Cover, Quick Reference and Pocket Reference Guide, One 3-volt long-life (CR2016) battery, Full One-Year Limited Warranty.

Tech Specs: Size: 5.7" x 3.0" x 0.65" (145 mm x 76 mm x 17 mm). Product Weight: Weight: 4.15 oz. (118 gm). Includes Slide Cover and Pocket Reference Guide Power: One 3-volt (CR2016) Long-life Battery, Display Type: 15 Digits (8 normal, 7 fractions) with full annunciators.

Display Dimensions: 0.73" x 2.56" (19 mm x 65 mm), Accuracy: 12 Digit Internal Accuracy.

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