TI30XSMV MultiView Teacher Kit-EZ Spot Yellow

Teacher Kit contains 10 EZ-Spot Yellow Calculators, 1 storage box, 1 poster and one set of instructional materials in English and Spanish.



*These units are in a 10-pack kit with yellow ez-spot casing and the words “School Property” written on the lower part of the calculator faceplates. Meant for when calculators must be kept and stored at school. Includes a storage box, a poster and instructional workbook*


TI’s 4-Line scientific with more advanced features:


*View multiple calculations and answers as you would write it on paper

*Easily scroll, review and edit current or previous entries

*New features include Function Table and Data/List Editor

*Dual Power


Appropriate for:

General Math


Algebra I & II




General Science




MultiView Display

Toggle Key

Scrolling & Editing

Stacked Fractions

Standard Matematical Notation

Scientific Notation Input

Scientific Notation Output

Vertical Menus

Data/List Editor


Four-line × 16-character, easy-to-read LCD display

Dual power (solar and battery)

Hard plastic, color-coded keys

Non-skid rubber feet

Snap-on protective hard slide cases are sold separately.

One year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in