TI108 Teacher Kit

Teacher Kit includes 10 calculators, one storage box, one poster and one set of instructional materials in English and Spanish.



*This unit is a 10-pack of calculators with one storage box, one poster and one set of instructional materials*


Key features:

Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Enter automatic constant for all four operations

View percents, square roots and negative numbers

Three-key memory

Clear last entry and/or all entries


Even the youngest learners can master the TI-108 keypad quickly. The color-coded keys are grouped by related function and the calculator features an extra-large equal key for ease of use. For safety and to prolong the service life of the calculator, the plastic keys are tamperproof and cannot be removed.


ANYLITE™ solar technology delivers steady, reliable power so students never have to worry about a battery running out in the middle of class or homework.


•Bright, color-coded keyboard with easy-to-use hard plastic keys. •Dual (Solar and Battery)-Operates in well-lit areas using solar cell. Operates in other light settings using battery. •Percent key helps figure tips, taxes, and discounts. •Change sign (+/-) key allows entry of negative numbers. •Protective slide cases not included. Please purchase separately.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in