FX7700GE Classic Graphing Calculator

A Casio graphing calculator classic. The FX7700GE (W) was an early basic graphing calculator. Considered vintage now. Features a 8KB Memory, large 16 x 8 line display. We have a few of these left, all new, all original packaging.



Easy to use, icon-driven menu, soft menu keys, fraction calculations with decimal conversions, Instant Replay lets you correct/replay problems, regression analysis, derivatives, simultaneous plotting of graphs, full featured matrix operations (up to 9 x 9), was unit to unit compatible with an optional cable (SB-62), Data transfer to computer was possible at that time with the FA-121 Interface Unit. Other features: Power Zoom, Tracing functions, power scrolling, simulataneous & polynomial equations, overwrite graph, multi-function graph mode, polar coordinate graphs, parametric graphs, inequality graphs, integration graphs and matrix operations.

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Weight 1 lbs