FX260 Solar II

All purpose Scientific Calculator offers fraction calculations, trigonometric functions and more. Includes a slide-on hard case and it is solar powered.



Display: 1-Line/# of Digits- 10 + 2

Memory: Store/Recall, # of Constant Memories-1.

Power: Solar w/Automatic power-down.

General Features: Function/Mode Menus, Clear last entry & Clear All, Backspace, Fixed decimal capabilities.

Math Functions: Operating System Standard, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S), Constant Feature, Parenthesis, Change Sign (+/-), X^2/Square Root, X^3/Cube Root, Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10, xth Root, Pi, Percent Calculations.

Fractions: FractionDecimal, DecimalFraction, Improper FractionMixed Number, Simplification.

Trigonometry: Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse, Hyperbolic Functions, Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD.

Statistics: One-Variable Statistics, Mean, Sum, # Elements, Standard Deviation,Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential,nPr, cPr, x!, Random Number Generator.

Additional Math Functions: DMSDD Conversions,PolarRectangular Conversions, Scientific Notation.

Hardware – Other: Protective Hard Case.

Accessories: Overhead Projectable Model Available, Instruction Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Available in Teacher Packs (10 units).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in