FX-55Plus Teacher Pack

FX55Plus Teacher Pack comes with a sleek storage case that contains 10 calculators, 1 workbook, 1 poster and instruction manual.



With Natural Textbook Display, the fx-55 PLUS helps students learn elementary mathematics such as Fraction, Division with Remainder and Random numbers. True Fraction Display helps student understand the mathematics behind improper fractions, mixed fractions and simplification.

FX55PLUS Teacher Pack includes 10 calculators in a foldable cardboard carry case with 10 individual instruction manuals, Teachers Workbook Guide and Poster.

Intuitive functions

Fraction simplification

Easy fraction/decimal conversion

True fraction display

Division with Remainder

Percent Conversion

Random Integer Generation

Time Calculations(Hr/Min/Sec)


Suggested Courses: Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, General Math, Middle School Math.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs