FA123USB Software Link for Graphing Calculators

FA-123USB Program-link Software working with Windows 98M, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. USB Connection. Easy transfer from your Casio Graphing Calculator to PC and vice-versa.



Main Features:

Programs, data and backups can be transferred between a graphic calculator and a PC.
Programs can be downloaded from the Web to your graphic calculator.
You can create new programs, and edit programs including those downloaded from the Web on a PC.
Screen images of a graphic calculator can be transferred to a PC.
Images received by a PC can be saved as “.bmp”, “.tif” and “.pcx” files for a Windows PC.
Because the ALGEBRA FX 2.0 is compatible with the conventional models, it can use those programs and data created by the conventional models.
Programs of the 7400 Series/9850 Series can be upgraded to programs of the ALGEBRA FX 2.0.
Matrix/List data can be converted to CSV files.
Numerical data consisting of CSV files can be converted to the Matrix/List and read by a graphic calculator.

Computer-IBM PC/AT or compatible.
Operating System – Windows 3.1/Windows 95/Windows 98.
Monitor – Color(256 colors or more).
Minimum free space on hard drive – 1MB on user specified drive, 200KB on system drive.
RAM – 1MB free.
Serial Port – 1 port free.

Supported Calculator Models: FX7450G/FX7400G+/FX9750G/G+/CFX9850G/9950G/9850G/G+/GA+/9970G/9850GB+/9850GC+/FX 1.0/1.0+/Algebra FX 2.0/2.0+/Graph25+/35+/65/100+.

Comes with CD Rom Software and Data Transfer Cable.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs