43430 Qualifier Plus IIIfx Desktop

43430 Qualifier Plus IIIfx Desktop-Advanced Residential and Commercial Real Estate Finance Desktop Calculator



The Qualifier Plus IIIFX-DT is the ideal tool for real estate investors and agents. In addition to both common and advanced real estate finance problems and complete buyer qualifying, it calculates multiple cash flows and internal rate of return (IRR), as well as net present and net future values (NPV/NFV) – all in a large, easy-to-use desktop format.

The Qualifier Plus IIIFX lets you:

Pre-Qualify Clients Quickly & Easily
Solve Real Estate Finance and Investment Problems
Enhance Professionalism
Close More Sales
Versatile Buyer Pre-Qualifying
For Conventional and FHA/VA Loans
Various Payment Solutions
P&I, PITI, Total and FHA Payments
Complete Taxes, Insurance and Mortgage Insurance
For True PITI Payments
Cash Flows: IRR, NPV and NFV
Automatic Sales Price & Down Payment Calculations and LTV for quick purchase and refinance decisions
Complete Amortization, Balloon Payments
Bi-Weekly vs. Monthly Loan Comparisons
Simplify Complex ARMs
Find APR Quickly fill out Truth In Lending Statements
Rent vs. Buy Solutions and Estimated Tax Savings
Built-in Date Math Function
Closing and Expiration Dates
Combo Loans and Interest Only Payments
Time Saving Utilities:

Triple Zero Key Saves Time and Keystrokes
Works as a Standard Calculator
Large Keys
Easy-to-Read Adjustable Display
Works as a Standard Calculator complete with:

Full Size Users Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Pocket User’s Guide
Protective Slide Cover
Long-Life Batteries
Full 1-Year Warranty
Tech Specs
Product #:

9.0 x 6.4 x 1.4″ (229 x 162 x 35 mm)

Product Weight (product only with battery):
10.8 oz. (308 g)

One 3-volt lithium (CR-2032) battery (included)

Batt. Life:
Approx. 3000 hours usage

Auto Shut-off:
8-12 min

45 keys; plastic keys

Users Guide:
84 pp.; 5.25 x 7.5″ (133 x 190 mm)

Not available for larger, desktop models

Operating Temperature:
32-130 deg. F (0-55 deg. C)

Display Type:
LCD segment; 9 digits with annunciator-legends

Display Dimensions:
1.6 x 5.3″ (41 x 135 mm)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in